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BrainCorp with the purpose of “Transformation in Educational Sector” and “Improving Human Relation” and has been involved in offering quality educational services in all age groups.

BrainCorp was conceptualized in 2009 and formally launched in 2012. The company was incubated with a singular perspective to provide sustainable new age Brain Development Solutions to Eduprenuers across India and the Rest of the World.

BrainCorp started with a focus in stepping into DMIT Research and Mid Brain activation Industry. A company along with the group of professionals who excelled in Concentration augmentation programs, Parents counseling, created an environment to develop the inborn abilities for everyone. It is one of the largest education and vocational training company in India.

BrainCorp stands for integrity, Commitment, Excellence and Unity. It has been steadfast in adhering to its business value and ethics: as a result, it has earned the trust from many clients.

BrainCorp Keeps setting high standards for this business and is continuously enriched by the inputs it received from our business partners who have been in this industry for several years. It maintains the highest standards in terms of quality and efficiency.

In 2013, BrainCorp launched its first Own Brand Private Label Product for DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) with state of the art features and user experience creating a record number of brands within a short span of time!

In 2015, BrainCorp launched its other researched products, yet again with latest features and world class interface for franchise support.

These are :

MindScript Handwriting Empowerment Program based on scientific studies and research of Graphology, the science of handwriting and signature analysis.

Mind Matrix Brain Sync Program for sensory integration and Left-right brain development. This program is specially designed for children of 6 to 12 years age group.

Graphology training of Handwriting & Signature analysis for adults.

Many more products are in pipeline of research and development and will be launched soon !!

Our Vision is to employ the benefits of this expertise for people in every corner of the world and help them nurture as an entity and professionals. The main focus is to conquer the DMIT and Mid Brain industry with a certain aspect which is to help inhabitants to create their own venture with a keen interest in counseling to every individual who is not able to find a way in their career.

It helps people expand bottomless self-knowledge. To create a venture you need an open mind, honest communication and a great enthusiasm and BrainCorp has excelled in it. We are the one stop solution for all the business needs.

We are a team of experienced analysts & consultants in counseling. We believe that every child is unique and has infinite potential and we are committed to help them to accomplish their true identity. Our mission is to empower folks with the knowledge and improvement of their talents and further guide them to create a pleased and flourishing society.

BrainCorp has a 100% Customer Satisfaction Rate with several Operational Brands created within a record time frame.

Our Business Policy is “More for Less”, we strive for providing best quality at a reasonably competitive price point.

BrainCorp was built on the premise of providing Eduprenuers with White Label, Own Brand Solutions for creating and building their own network of franchises and business partners!

We at BrainCorp strongly believe that in order for dynamic education products to reach the extreme rural market, Eduprenuers must be encouraged and nurtured in a way that will assist them to flourish & expand rapidly!

"Educating the Mind Without Educating the Heart is no Education at All".... Aristotle