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  • Hand writing is an art which is solely, performed through fingers. The art of handwriting has been a primary concern for many educationalists, for a long time many researches have been made for the development of writing skills. A good handwriting is a sign of success, it speaks volumes about your personality and adds value too, while bad handwriting reflects as being lazy and careless.

    Importance of Handwriting

    A good handwriting is a pleasure both to the student and to the examiner. Only with good alignment can good handwriting be obtained. There are certain rules which when followed will lead to a good handwriting. Handwriting is something which should be inculcated from the beginning. Just a bit of concentration and practice is required.

    Handwriting skills are the foundation for academic success. Handwriting is an integral part of learning of words, their spellings and the language as a whole. It helps to communicate thoughts and ideas within a reasonable time, through a readable product. Good writing habit adds to enriched vocabulary. Let us not forget the excitement of writing ones' name for the first time.

    Today’s computer age has added pace to communication and handwriting seems to have taken a backstage. But is it really so? Handwriting is taking a full circle; its need is being felt once again. The initial learning, early academic success and overall student confidence is directly related to handwriting. Other scientific tests conducted have re-established the role of handwriting in activating a large section of the brain.

    Good handwriting is always a matter of pride for the student, and legibly written answer sheets always fetch higher grades than the illegible ones. Illegible writing affects learning of spellings, and also the language itself. A student’s underdeveloped handwriting skills which includes both quantity and quality of writing, results into the inability to express effectively. This has been proved beyond doubt in several studies conducted worldwide.

    Impacts of Bad Hand-writing

    Low Self Esteem
    Low Marks
    Inability to Take Down Notes
    Evading of School Work
    Loss of Motivation
    Weaken Educational Progress
    Frustration To Exams
    Slow Down Progress

    Problems in Hand-Writing

    Hold the pen in an awkward manner.
    Find it difficult to read and understand what is written.
    Handwriting is not legible.
    Write sometimes better but not consistent.
    The Pen or Pencil is held almost near the tip.
    Does not write faster and the NOTES are incomplete.
    Gets the remark from the teacher “Improve your Handwriting”.
    Cannot differentiate between the alphabet ‘b’ and ‘d’ and gets confused with them.
    Does not join all the alphabets.
    Writing is very bad or has a very bad hand-writing.
    Very slow in Writing and presses the pencil or pen heavily.
    While writing numbers, one cannot differentiate some of the numbers.
    Sentences are not written on the lines and it goes up and down.
    Does not write small alphabets and uses only Capital Letters.
    Slant of writing is not consistent and it goes left, straight and right as well.
    Keeps changing different pencils / pens.
    While writing, fingers / hand become shaky.
    Orally he or she answers better, but when it comes to writing, does not write answers correctly.
    Very shy natured and does not complain about any problems.
    Always feel interested to do outdoor activities and does not concentrate in writing or reading academic books.
    Writes very small and cannot read them clearly.
    Use Computer Systems normally and do not get chance to write. Hence, cannot write confidently.

    Our endeavor is to develop students as legible and fluent writers. It is the second most effective mode of communication. Evidences do not indicate that anything will ever replace handwriting, because the effective use of a keyboard will largely depend on your ability to express and this is developed only through good handwriting skills.

  • Handwriting identifies to the conscious and subconscious traits of an individual personality. If anyone struggles with handwriting, they suffer from the ability of self-expression.

    Slow Hand writers have problems with poor motor mind co-ordination, spelling, letter formation, word shapes and discrimination between upper and lower case.

    Once the motor and mind co-ordination is established properly and the motor becomes automated the student’s mind are liberated to implement new ideas more creatively and effectively in daily routine.

    Boys have higher frequency of handwriting problems then girls at initial ages.

    Regardless of his ability, student’s legibility and speed in handwriting are major factors determining a student’s achievement.

    Fluency in handwriting is a fundamental part of learning. The child thinks and writes at the same time, when we teach the children to write, we also teach them How to express themselves. If they struggle to form their letter, their ability to express themselves suffers. Children who doesn’t master handwriting may be slow, sloppy or illegibility in writing. Spelling and math are also affected.

    Handwriting is a brain’s writing. One can judge an individual’s mind state, personality from his writing style, pressure, slant, space and from margins etc. At different mind state writing differs and each time it will tell different story about the writer.

  • Handwriting Empowerment

    Productive utilization of page margins.
    Garland & Arcade connection formations.
    Pressure Mapping in handwriting.
    Grapho-Therapy Exercises.
    Importance of correct loops & oval formation in writing.
    Importance of Space between words, Letters & Lines.
    Meaning of Slants of the handwriting.
    Balancing the Upper, Middle & Lower zones of letters.
    Significance of Size of the handwriting.
    Thought concepts of various alphabets & impacts.
    Brain-Gym & Finger exercises.
    Meditation and stabilizing your senses.
    Neuro Linguistic programming
    Music therapy for brain synchronization .
    Developing extra sensory perception.
    Learning to be Ambidextrous. (Using of both hands)


    It is a process of changing your handwriting to positively affect your personality. It is an effective form of therapy to make positive changes in your life.
    By accessing the direct channel of the subconscious mind, Neural pathways in your brain, you can change aspects of your character by changing your handwriting.
    Grapho-Therapy is particularly effective with children, because their handwriting (like their character) is in a formative stage. This makes it a perfect time to begin correcting undesirable traits and tendencies.
    It is the proven fact that in the initial 14 years of age the life cycle is majorly run by Sub –Conscious Mind and Conscious mind is developing, which performs the major function of thinking, comparing, analysing, deciding.

    Brain-Gym Exercises

    Special techniques and exercises which helps in balancing left and right brain.
    Memory improvement by utilizing photographic memory and linking methods.
    Facilitating fast data communication between various parts and lobes of brain.
    Finger exercises and stimulating technics.
    Hand-Eye co-ordination enhancement.
    Activating the Right brain through special tools.
    Using handwriting as a powerful tool to synchronize and activate neurons of both brain hemisphere’s.

  •     Benefits    

    Personalized one to one attention to every student major weakness and strength.
    Growing your self-esteem and becoming emotionally expressive.
    Enhancing memory, confidence, concentration and thought connectivity.
    Overcoming disease oriented Mindset’s, emotional and physical traumas.
    Improve logic, creativity, analytical skills, energy levels and action drive.
    Making individual more loving, compassionate and constructive
    Overcoming depression and over risk taking tendencies and imbibing optimism leading to overall growth.

        MindScript Advantage    

    It has been a proven fact that 85% to 90% of brain cells are active while writing. Hence your writing gives a
       deep insight of your Mindset.
    Mindscript is Graphology research based handwriting improvement program. It is an effort to change the perception
       of the writer by changing or improving his/her handwriting.
    This Program will not just improve the writing of the person but will develop a strong personality avoiding Mindsets
       of diseases, financial failures, disturbed relationships.
    MindScript is an effort to direct the individual endeavour's towards success in all the aspects of life.

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